Offshore Fishing

Prepare The Equipment And Launch The Offshore Fishing Tackle

The first thing to do is to fix the rods to the stern of the boat (the number of rods will depend on the size of the boat) but 3, 5 and up to 7 rods can be used simultaneously if the size allows it. You must bear in mind that it is important to leave a comfortable separation between one rod and another to avoid that the lines become entangled with each other, and we have a total disaster.

The rods are fixed in the rod holder, and the lines are thrown at different distances and depths. The objective of this is to attract the largest fish, which swim deeper. So the first line can be launched about 30 meters from the boat and make it submerge about 25 meters deep, the second line about 5 meters less, the same with the third; in this way, the last line should be just 5 meters from the boat and float almost to the surface, where you can have the advantage in the fight to recover very large fish.

With the baits set in the water, it’s time to go. The movement must be slow and constant so that the bait simulates a natural movement well and thus does not scare away the most cautious predators. The recommended speed changes according to the depth of the baits, but is between 2 and 5 knots.

As a fisherman, you must be aware of the tension in each of the lines. When you feel that a fish has bitten one, it is time to disassemble it and begin the battle to tire the fish. The best thing is to let go of the line and use the brake to achieve wear on the hold without the risk of the hook being released or the line breaking.

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