Saltwater Fishing

Some Advice For The Practice Of Saltwater Fishing

When you think of saltwater fishing, you think of the smell of seawater, the spray from the foam and the tug on a line when a sharp-toothed predator takes the bait and starts to fight. Freshwater fishing is common and popular, but nothing puts a smile on our face like saltwater fishing.

From skipjack to bluefish, mackerel and grouper, saltwater fishing offers exciting game fish for all ages and abilities. However, there are unique challenges associated with saltwater fish.

Basic items

The harshness of the salty environment can destroy even the best equipment. From abrasive rocks, corals and barnacles to the corrosiveness of salt, it takes specialized equipment to handle these fish.

Saltwater reels should be sturdy. Make sure that any reel used for seawater has anti-corrosive properties and can be rinsed and submerged in freshwater for cleaning. Marine fish are generally aggressive hunters. This means that the best saltwater lures almost always mimic smaller prey.

Adapted clothing

When saltwater fishing turns into extreme saltwater fishing, the discerning athlete knows it’s time to gear up with the right clothing. If saltwater is badass, it is outright murder on a traditional garment.

Nothing can distract a grip like a torn garment or falling pants. Many companies make good saltwater fishing gear, but all have a few consistent properties. Comfort is just as important to the fisherman as having the right equipment for the saltwater terminal. It doesn’t matter how good the hook is if the angler on the other end of the line can’t rewind their catch.

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